Research reveals high satisfaction with mortgage brokers

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Research reveals high satisfaction with mortgage brokers

New independent research has revealed most people who have sourced mortgages through brokers are satisfied with almost every aspect of the transaction.

The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) commissioned the research project through finance industry researchers MyNextAdvice to gauge the level of satisfaction with clients who had settled on mortgages obtained through FBAA members.

The research took into account responses from 2049 clients who had settled loans, on a range of key performance indicators including broker-client relationship and ease of doing business.

FBAA executive director Peter White said the results indicate brokers are doing the right thing by their clients. “Overall confidence with the brokers relevant to this research was 95 per cent, and the same percentage said brokers were easy to do business with.”

In other findings:

94 per cent were happy with their broker’s knowledge and competency.
93 per cent agreed their broker had their clients interest at heart.
93.6 per cent found their broker understood the borrowers needs, objectives and financial situation, and
92.1 per cent were satisfied with the strength of the broker-client relationship.
The depth in the sentiment came from the many comments that clients volunteered on their survey forms. A high proportion said they had received excellent or fantastic service.

One respondent seemed typical in his remarks. “Highly recommended, excellent service, quick response, excellent savings and results. Highly recommended to friends and family who have said the same thing. A+”

Mr White said FBAA members were clearly looking after the individual needs of their clients. “While these results are good they are not perfect.

“There is always room to improve but when we see the issues in the royal commission we know the broker industry is best in breed, and the objections raised by the productivity commissioner are simply not based in fact or competent research.”

by FBAA | Sep 18, 2018 |