Month: February 2018

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Parental gifts and borrowers of convenience

Here is some food for thought. A borrower put their parents on title to help with servicing of a loan and for additional security, after their divorce. It was required to be 10%. The parents passed away and the client could not meet the payments due to adverse life circumstances and was declared bankrupt. The…
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Westpac has just announced that it will increase its variable mortgage rates.

It is the first of the big four banks to raise interest rates for all its variable home loans this year, although many smaller banks had already moved to higher rates to ‘offset higher costs’. Scott Morrison the new prime minister says people who are unhappy with their bank’s decision to raise mortgage rates should…
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The human face of lending

An elderly farmer who lived between Wollongong and Canberra needed finance to sub-divide 9 lots from his farm so he could see them This would enable him to pay off his debts and to continue farming He approached numerous banks and financial institutions but was turned down by each and every one Although he had…
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Real life ‘Mum and Dad’ customers we can help

This is Tim and Jess, real life parents who want to consolidate their debts. Tim and Jess have two kids and there’s another on the way. They have multiple debts on top of their monthly mortgage, so things are tight. They want to secure some cash out to reduce a major liability and simplify their…
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