Westpac has just announced that it will increase its variable mortgage rates.

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Westpac has just announced that it will increase its variable mortgage rates.

It is the first of the big four banks to raise interest rates for all its variable home loans this year, although many smaller banks had already moved to higher rates to ‘offset higher costs’.

Scott Morrison the new prime minister says people who are unhappy with their bank’s decision to raise mortgage rates should consider switching to another loan provider .

He encourages unhappy customers to vote with their feet, saying competition is important to a strong and accountable banking and finance system.

Money is a commodity. The money you get from one lending institution is the same as the money you get from another.

In theory, if your lender puts their prices up, customers should shop around to get a more competitive loan. The problem is, many people don’t.

Half of Australia’s banking customers still bank with their first-ever bank. This is part of the reason why they control more than 80 per cent of the mortgage market.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald (2 August 2018 ) only one in three customers have thought about switching in the last two years despite saving an average of $90 a month on a home loan by shopping around.

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