Rod Bryan is the Private Account Manager for PCL Money.

PCL Money arrange finance and provide loans for property developments, houses & cars, machinery, commercial & industrial buildings, business loans, leasing, refinancing, debt consolidation plus more and has financed people & businesses for 30 years.

We have a dedicated construction and development team with industry experts in feasibility studies and banking, this would be particularly useful for larger transactions requiring feasibility adjustments and bank presented packaging.

We have national experience and a great track record in; bank lending, non-bank lending, J.V’s, equity partnerships and private funding.

We currently have excess funds available for projects and if you are in the market for finance or would like to review your current financial situation please let me know.

We also have home loans starting from 3.69% (3.94% Comparison) and car finance from 4.6%.

PCL’s main office is located in Wollongong, however, the company services the financial needs for businesses and people Australia wide and I am only and email or phone call away.

Each month after the Reserve Bank makes its monthly review announcement, we send out a financial update, with local and international financial news and trends.

The Reserve Bank left the cash rate unchanged at 1.5% at its last meeting. The Bank’s decision was based on uncertainties over the $A, higher inflation, slowing GDP growth, increasing electricity charges and higher consumer spending. Rates remain unchanged however we have reduced our home loan rates which are noted in the attached Newsletter.


Businesses are now using Cloud Based IT services for their operations where applications, software and services are made available from a cloud computing provider’s servers. These providers hosts and manage the infrastructure & platforms that run the applications.

This software service is usually priced on a pay-per-use or on a subscription fee option. Traditional banks will not finance such cloud-based software usage or the setup costs of such services. However, PCL can now finance such subscription based models as well as the setup costs. In cases where clients prefer the monthly subscription option for the software modules, PCL can still finance the setup costs component.

Finance can be approved for strong, established businesses with a Dun & Bradstreet rating WITHOUT the need for financial statements. Terms range up to 5 years or even longer for Blue Chip corporates.

PCL’s Mortgage Lending panel will now assess non-bank risk business proposals that will not (under current criteria) be financed by traditional banks. So if you have a business or personal proposal rejected by your Bank, PCL may be able to assist through these avenues.

PCL has partnered with a panel financier in offering a new, innovative way that small business may finance working capital requirements WITHOUT having to lodge property or other business collateral security. In summary, any business can now raise working capital finance for any business use purpose by unlocking the equity it may have in its motor vehicle/other transport assets or indeed any other unencumbered operating equipment asset.

We have recently been joined by an expert in this field and are currently assessing deals in excess of $484,000,000.00. We have the skills, the experience and the personnel if you have the need please call us.

Please click here for our Newsletter outlining these details

With low interest rates prevailing, I would be happy to discuss any financing requirements that you may have.

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