Real life ‘Mum and Dad’ customers we can help

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Real life ‘Mum and Dad’ customers we can help

This is Derek, a real life solo dad who achieved his goal with an alternative lending solution.

Derek, father of two, was recently separated.

It was an emotional time and he missed two mortgage repayments as finances took a bit of a back seat. When he got back on track he wanted to sort out the house ownership, but his current lender couldn’t help him refinance because of the missed payments.

How we could help: With a home loan from an alternative lender, he was able to refinance his home and pay out his ex-wife.

Most common solutions we can assist ’Mum and Dad’ customers with:

Overdue or overdrawn credit cards/unsecured debts

Income from various sources

Government payments incl. family tax A&B

· Casual employment

· Child support

Missed repayments on mortgage facility

Adverse credit

· Paid/unpaid defaults

· Court judgements and writs

· Discharged bankrupt (one day)

Unlimited debt consolidation

PCL Money also regularly helps ‘Mum and Dad’ clients with:

Purchasing for investment purposes
Non-genuine savings – gifted funds accepted
Lenders that do not use credit scoring
Full Doc purchase up to 95% LVR or
Alt Doc purchase up to 85% LVR
Cash out for personal use
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Please note that the above is general financial information only and is not intended as personal financial advice for which you should contact a licensed financial professional.