Private Funds

PCL Money is one of the most experienced Finance Brokers in Australia. Over almost 30 years in the business of brokering we have been fortunate to have had many successful clients.

There are people from  all sorts of backgrounds and with vastly different skill sets but the result for most of them is financial rewards.  Some of our clients request us to source loans that they can fund using our credit skills and expertise.

We source  a suitable loan application, do the appropriate credit checks and assess the value of the application and security offered. We instruct the solicitor to document the loan security and agreements and register the security. PCL Money attends to the management of repayments and variation requests.

Incidentally most first mortgages get returns upwards of 8% per annum and second mortgages receive around 12% per annum.

For more information about the benefits of funding a private loan  have a chat to Martin at PCL Money today.